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Sailor Moon Crystal – #8 Minako -Sailor V-


As Sailor V’s partner Artemis claims her to be Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom, Usagi’s tiara suddenly changes shape, showing her a brief glimpse of a forgotten memory. After both Zoisite and Mamoru retreat, Sailor V, who introduces herself as Minako Aino, explains about the Dark Kingdom’s ambitions to gather energy from innocent people and conquer Earth and her mission to seal Queen Metalia once again. The next day, after having a dream about a man named Endymion, Usagi runs into Mamoru, who offers to trade Usagi’s lost handkerchief for the return of his pocketwatch some time, while Artemis reveals to Luna that she had some of her own memories sealed. Later that night, Kunzite demands that Minako bring the Legendary Silver Crystal to him alone or else everyone in Tokyo will be killed, causing a blackout in the city and draining energy from everyone. The other Sailor Guardians soon catch on and join Minako in fighting against Kunzite, but when he launches an attack at everyone, Mamoru steps in to take the hit.

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