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Sailor Moon Crystal – #7 Mamoru Chiba -Tuxedo Mask

Mamoru explains to Usagi that he needs the Legendary Silver Crystal in order to regain his memories, which he lost in a car accident that took the lives of his parents, asking her to keep his identity a secret. Meanwhile, Beryl meets with her master, Queen Metalia, recalling when she first released her from the seal the Sailor Guardians previously placed upon her. The next day, as Usagi and the others do some research on Sailor V, they soon discover that a DVD rental shop set up by Zoisite is brainwashing citizens into searching for Sailor Moon. After Usagi uses her Moon Healing Escalation to cure the brainwashed citizens, she is attacked by Zoisite but is rescued by Mamoru, realizing his true wish is to protect her. Before Zoisite can attack both of them, they are both aided by the arrival of Sailor V.


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