Dagashi Bento Pack

For my birthday last week (Oct 7th), my wife, The Dragon, ordered me a Dagashi Bento Pack from J-List. It is a collection of assorted Japanese candies and snacks. (The Dragon also got her self one and reviewed it on her site.

1. Umaibo Teriyaki Burger
Barcode: 49480849
Texture simular to a Cheetos puff, with a sweet teriyaki flavor. I found it quite tasty and wish I could buy them locally.

2. mini cola
Barcode: 49598704
Strong Cocoa-Cola like taste. I found it quite tasty and it took some will power not to eat them all in one shot.
One thing I found is that while the lid pulls of easily (like it is suspost to), if you are careful you can leave it attached and able to re-close the package. The Mini Cola may have been my favorite one in the box.

3. Coris Squirrel Sweets
Barcode: 49656763
3 were included in the box. At first they had a chalky texture but after chewing it for a while it works in to one piece of gum. A bit to rubbery for me and I ended up giving the other 2 to the wife.

4. Little bobdog candy cigarettes
barcode: 49590977
Not to bad, but nothing to write home about. According to the wife they tasted like green apple, but I didn’t really notice it. One think I thought was interesting was that on the side of the box was, in English, “We support your No-smoking.”

5. Ichigo marble gum
Barcode: 49438154
A gumball with a strong strawberry taste. Only down side was the small size of each piece meant I had to chew 2 or 3 at a time to get a piece of gum the size I like.

6. Pine “Little Fruit Candy”
Barcode: 49707359
A strong mango / peach flavor. The Dragon didn’t care for hers, but I did.

7.Pine Pero Grape Sherbert Lolly
Barcode: 49707250
The wife loved hers, but I didn’t care to much for it.

8. Cracker Trail Cabbage Taro
Barcode: 4971749110304
Another puffed snack, like cheetos, but with Taro instead of cheese. Taro is a sort of root plant. The wife didn’t care for her bag, but I did. Another one I wish I could get locally.

2014-10-22: expanded several descriptions.
2014-11-14: expanded several descriptions.


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