The Journeyman Project Turbo!

The game takes place in the distant future, after the Earth has been united to a peaceful global community. A scientist has discovered the technology of time travel, but because of its dangerous nature, the prototype machine, ‘Pegasus’, has been placed under government supervision and further attempts at traveling through time or developing time travel technology are forbidden by law.

Gameplay: The Journeyman Project Turbo! was a fun game the first time you played it when it came out in 1995, however it had a number of major draw backs that kept it fro living up to it’s potential. The user interface was cluncky and took up a considerable amount of the fixed size window. The story line is linear and with a playtime for 1-4 hours it is very short. Numerous ways to die justify making very frequent saves.

The graphics in The Journeyman Project Turbo! are very good and effectively used. Some live action videos are mixed in well to enhance the storytelling. However in some early versions of the PC game the 8-bit graphics do not do full justice to the quality of the original animations. While of it’s time it looked great, the graphic have not aged well and it looks poor by today standards.

The audio was quite annoying. It should have been used for a bad montage from the 1980’s.

Overall: Overall a mediocre game at best that could have been so mush more. However it’s sequel was a far better game.


Useful Guides and Maps
· Walkthrough

Here are the security codes you'll need from page 7 of the instruction manual:
Temporal Security Annex Entry Code:                      6894895
Background, Theory, and Procedure Monitor Access Code:   0524133
Historical Reconfiguration Code:                         0291384
Q: Why is there a space for another Biochip? 
A: Presto says: There is an extra biochip slot because we planned to put 
another chip in there (I think it was going to be the "video" chip). But, we 
ran out of time and space on the cd-rom. Instead of re-designing the entire 
interface they left it that way. Sorry for all the confusion. You have all the 
biochips available to you.

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