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Sailor Moon Crystal #6 – Tuxedo Mask

Tuxedo Mask issues a statement to the media, claiming he has committed various crimes in search of the Legendary Silver Crystal, in order to get people talking and find information. That night, Luna explains that she was sent from the Moon Kingdom in order to awaken the Sailor Guardians, locate the Moon Princess, and protect the Legendary Silver Crystal, which is said to have enough power to destroy an entire planet, while Usagi, hearing a curious voice from the Sailor V arcade game, ponders if Sailor V is also one of their allies. The next day, Zoisite uses the media to hypnotise citizens into searching for the Legendary Silver Crystal, sending the city into chaos. Luna takes the girls to her secret base underneath the arcade, managing to locate the source of the controlling signal, but Usagi runs off on her own when Luna implies it may be Tuxedo Mask’s doing. As the other guardians confront Zoisite, Usagi comes across Tuxedo Mask, who apologises for things turning out like this and states that he desires to search for the Legendary Silver Crystal despite lacking any special power of his own. After Zoisite overwhelms the guardians with his attacks, Queen Beryl appears before them, preparing to turn the Earth into part of the Dark Kingdom. Tuxedo Mask, who knew of Usagi’s identity as Sailor Moon, encourages her to use her own special power to help her friends. Usagi’s desire to protect everyone allows her to use the Moon Stick’s Moon Healing Escalation technique to deal heavy damage to Zoisite, forcing him and Queen Beryl to retreat, and restore the citizens to normal. After exhausting her energy, Usagi wakes up the next day in Mamoru’s apartment, learning that Mamoru is in fact Tuxedo Mask.

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