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Sailor Moon Crystal #4 : Masquerade Dance Party


Luna overhears Usagi’s classmates talk about how a princess from the kingdom of D will be exhibiting a secret treasure during a dinner party, believing it to be related to the Moon Princess and the Legendary Silver Crystal. Later, Usagi disguises herself, Ami, and Rei as princesses and sneaks into the embassy. While Usagi wonders off and ends up briefly dancing with Tuxedo Mask, Ami and Rei discover Princess D’s bodyguard is actually Nephrite, who possesses Princess D and has her escape with the kingdom’s treasure. After Usagi and Tuxedo Mask end up saving each other from being knocked off a balcony, Usagi joins Ami and Rei in confronting the possessed princess, gaining a new tiara in the process. Using the new tiara’s power, Usagi reflects the moonlight and force Nephrite out of Princess D’s body. After Nephrite regroups with Jadeite, Zoisite and Kunzite, they introduce themselves as the Four Kings of Heaven they take their leave. Princess D reveals her kingdom’s secret treasure, which turns out to be a diamond carving of herself. Meanwhile, as Usagi sleeps from her battle, Tuxedo Mask gives her a kiss, before revealing to Luna he is also searching for the Legendary Silver Crystal.Wikipedia

Of the 4 episodes so far, I felt that Masquerade Dance Party is the weekest so far.

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