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Sailor Moon Crystal #2: Ami / Sailor Mercury


Another great episode, this time introducing my favorite of the girls, Ami Mizuno / Sailor Mercury.

Ami Mizuno, a particularly gifted student at Usagi’s school who often scores top marks, feels envious towards Usagi’s ability to make friends. Meanwhile, Jadeite, the evil man from before, follows orders from the evil Queen Beryl and creates a new monster to do his bidding, whilst Luna feels that Ami has the potential to become a Sailor Guardian. The next day, Luna makes an opportunity for Usagi and Ami to get to know each other, and together they go to an arcade where they both win peculiar pens from a machine. Afterwards, Ami goes to the Crystal Seminar, where students study via computers, unaware that it is another one of Jadeite’s schemes. Noticing Ami behaving oddly the next day, Usagi and Luna look into the disk she received from the seminar, discovering it to be a brainwashing program tricking people into finding information on the Legendary Crystal. Using the pen she received from the arcade machine, Usagi manages to disguise herself as a doctor and sneak into the Crystal Seminar to rescue Ami, where she transforms to fight against the monster, who is unaffected by Usagi’s supersonic waves. Snapping out of her trance upon seeing Usagi in danger, Ami becomes able to use the pen she received to transform into a new Sailor Guardian, Sailor Mercury, using her powers to help Usagi, who is again assisted by Tuxedo Mask, to defeat the monster.

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