Shaving Journal – March 2014

For valentines day my wife ordered me a 100 pack of Voskhod blades. it took a while to arrive but hopefully was worth the wait.
On the shaving forum I frequent, Badger and Blade, there seems to be 2 schools of thought for new shavers buying blades: 1) buy a sample pack early on and find ‘your’ blade and b) start with a pack of a well know and well reviewed blade so you can perfect your technique without changing blades every few shaves. After weighing both options I went with the latter.
Up until not I have been using Dorco 301’s and been getting good results. The Voskhod’s seem to be giving me less irritation (not that the Dorco’s game me much to start compared to the disposables and carts that I was using prior) however I am not getting as close as a shave as the Dorco’s. this may be that the blades are different and I need to get the feel for these blades (if I recall it took a few blades to get used to the Dorco.

I have used the 1st Voskhod blade 5 times so far (as of March 11) and it’s not pulling or uncomfortable at all. It’s getting to be a smother shave each time I use it (upholding my ‘getting used to it’ theory above), however I need to try shaving in 3 passes (with, across and agents the grain) incited of just 2 passes.

Mar 13: 5 shaves was all i got out of the first Voskhod blade I used.
I also picked up the Van Der Hagen Luxury Shave Set. I mainly wanted the bowl, but the brush sand is nice to have and I’m sure I’ll find use for the brush and another puck of soap.

Mar 22: re-cleaned my shaving brush. This time I lathered it up with some of my VDH Luxury (I switched from the deluxe last shave, wanted to mix things up a bit) and let it sit for a while. Then I massaged the bristles a bit then rinsed, shook out and allowed to dry. I have noticed that since I started using the brush stand that my brush dries much faster then just leaving it on its side like I ha been doing.

Mar 29: After more then a week of not shaving, my DE was able to mow through my beard. Now while this don’t sound like a big deal, it is. With disposables or cartrage razors this would have been a unplesent experence. Lots og pullang and razor burn and fighting to unclog the razor. My DE mowed right through it with little tugging (which could have been prevented if I started with a fresh blade and not one on shave #3) and only cogged once (with is easily cleared by removing and rinsing the blade.


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