Stepping outside my comfort zone

Williams Mug Shaving Soap
The other day I mentions that my local big box store put all their VDH shaving soap on clearance. Recently while out running some errands I stopped in a chain pharmacy and stopped by the shaving aisle to see if they carried DE blades. They didn’t, but I happened across a puck of Williams Mug Shaving Soap. Having just enough spare cash to puck up a puck ($1.77 plus 6% tax) I grabbed one.
I used my regular equipment for this shave, making only 2 changes: 1) I used the Williams instead of my normal VDH deluxe, and I soaked the entire puck, submerged for a couple of minutes (the puck felt extremely dry; I have no idea how long it was sitting on that store shelf) instead of just a teaspoon or so for 30-60 seconds.
When I went to lather the soap I found it lathered real easily, giving me plenty of lather for the job. It actually lathered easy enough for me to use my bowl instead of face lathering (I am not sure why I decided not to face lather.) I also must say that I found the smell quite nice.
When I started to apply the lather to my face i found it quite dry. A little hot water on my brush helped, but it still felt dry. Once my face was covered in lather, I brought blade to face and discovered almost no lubrication. The resulting shave was one of the worse that I have had so far. I did 2 passes, one with the drain and one across the grain. Not way around it: it was a unpleasant shave, and didn’t even give me a close shave.
I quickly rinsed out my brush and bowl and switched to my VDH. It game me the needed lubrication and a close, thorough shave (while also confirming that it most likely wasn’t the blade, but the Williams soap.) Once the puck dries out its going in its box under the sink. Maybe it will be a backup for one of those “better then nothing’ cases, but I have a hunch it will be regulated to the shower, just to use it up.


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