Dad’s Clam Dip

Growing up my dad would make clam dip.
I remember him making it in a large, green glass bowl. There was never enough. With his passing in 2012 I won’t be enjoying his dip anymore. This is the same recipe, but IMO it’s not the same unless dad makes it.

Step 1: What you need
2 cans clams (one minced, one chopped)
1 cottage cheese, Small Curd
1 Block Philadelphia cream cheese (should be Philadelphia if possible)
Onion powder (or onion salt.) To taste.
Garlic powder (or garlic salt) To taste.
Milk (just a couple of teaspoons)
Ripple potato chips.

Step 2: Mix
Combine all ingredients until thoroughly mixed.
You will only need a splash of milk and a little garlic and onion powder.

Step 3: Let rest and enjoy
Cover and place in fridge for at least 2 hours. Overnight is best.
Serve with ripple chips.


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