From Bowl to Face

When I started Wet shaving, I picked up a 4 1/4″ ceramic fruit bowl at my local big box store ($1). I figured I would use it to not only soak my brush preshave, but to build the lather also.
While it was great for the brush soaking, I have had lots of issues with building lather. Maybe its the soap, maybe its the brush, maybe its just me. I don’t know, but all I got was a thin film of soap in the bowl no matter what I tryed. More water, less Water, More soap, less soap. Nothing worked.
Once I finally stopped lurking on the shaving forum Badger and Blade, I was given a piece of advice: face lather (It’s the 3rd post). I figures what do I have to lose by trying.
You know what I had to lose? A lot of hassle and aggravation…gone in a flash.
After soaking my brush for a few minutes and prepping my face, I shake out a lot of the excess water and swirl the brush in my soap to build up some on the bristles. Then I move straight to my face and start swirling the soap on in circles. The lather builds quickly and I am ready to shave within a minute or so. This is a huge improvement over my attempts with a bowl.
My journey to a better shave continues, but is making progress.


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