Not cutting my face to shreads

I decided to get started in DE shaving after years of overpriced cartridge razors and cheap disposables that never really got the job done to my satisfaction.
Over the last year or so I have been telling my wife that I wanted to get a straight razor, but was always hesitant due to the start up cost. After discovering B&B (and some videos on Youtube) I decided to go with a safety razor instead.
In october I got a Shaving Factory shaver and Dorco blades (Amazon for under $14). A cheap puck of VHD soap (under $2 at Walmart) and a cheap makeup brush (I know its really the wrong tool, but as I was still undecided on the whose wet shaving thing) got me started. For under $20 I had everything I needed to dip my toe in the water and give what everyone was saying would be a better shave a try.
After the first few cut filled shaves I started getting the hang of it and fell in love. Shaving was no longer a tedious, painful chore, but something I now look forward all day to to (I tend to shave right before bed so I can sleep in later in the morning.)
The makeup brush was the only real issue . It got the soap lathered and on my face, but it wasn’t very good at either. After the first month or so the bulk of the brissles were just a tangled mass. For Yule my wife got me a Escali 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush ($14 on Amazon). Switching to a proper brush made a huge difference. The brush and lathering the soap is still proving to be the hardest part to get the knack of, but I am still working on my technique.

A better shave and cheaper to boot? I’m a convert for sure.


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