Roll20, TeamSpeak and Serenity RPG

I am a tabletop gamer.
Due to limited tabletop gaming opportunities locally I turned to Roll20 to get my gaming fix. Roll20 is a virtual tabletop that allows groups to play tabletop games online. They also have tools to help fine players or fine games to play in. Its also free (unless you want to upgrade your account for $5 – $10 per month.)
The only issue I have found with Roll20 is their audio. It is really buggy, however I setup a TeamSpeak Server on my Linux box and solved that issue.

My wife runs a Serenity RPG game every other Thursday. The game is based on the 2005 movie Serenity (and unofficially on the TV show Firefly.)
You can download the game book here. The show Firefly and the Movie Serenity can be got here.
We are now 2 games in. My crew finished our first job, transport horses from one planet to another. As we made the several week (in-game time) the mechanic built a slapping robot. we got stopped by a alliance patrol for an inspection which caused a passenger to take hostages (we ended up killing him and wooding the hostage. Once we arrived Three Hills (the planet we were taking the horses to) the buyer refused to accept them, resulting in a bit of a shoot out, followed by a trip to the local magistrate who orded us to be paid and then we were leave. After the magistrate and buyer were arrested (which was just after we were paid) we resold the horses to another buyer (significantly increasing our take.) We got our next mission and are heading out into the Black.
Serenity the RPG is just addictive as the movie and is easy to learn and play. All gamer fans of the show should give it a try.


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