I need to see a man about a horse

The newly formed crew of the Hera became familiar with one another while taking on two passengers traveling from the planet Hera to Persephone. One passenger appears to be content travelling wherever we go and the second merely wanted one way passage (Ȼ350).

Upon arrival at Persephone, Captain Mitch landed a job hauling eight horses to Three Hills(paid Ȼ800 to buy the horses, resell for Ȼ1,000 if healthy upon arrival plus Ȼ1,500 transportation). The forward cargo hold was modified to provide stables for the passengers of the equine persuasion. Some minor commotion was had loading the beasts onto the boat. And two passengers were decided to come along for the ride, 1/2 paid up front (Ȼ800 & Ȼ450) with the rest due on arrival.

Early on in the trip, it was discovered that one of the horses was getting sick. Luckily, Doc James was able to cure the malady and keep all the livestock healthy. Meanwhile, John the Mechanic built a remote controlled slapping robot.

With only a few days left before arriving at Three Hills, an Alliance ship forces the Hera to stop and be inspected. One of the passengers that were picked up on Persephone vowed he would not be captured by the Alliance, grabbed the other new passenger to use as a human shield. Refusing to listen to reason, a bloody battle ensued between the assailant and several members of the crew–badly injuring the innocent passenger, damaging a one-of-a-kind slapping robot, and eventually killing the assailant.

Following the incident, Doc James was able to stabilize the innocent passenger while the Alliance boarding party searched the ship. The boarding party found nothing of significant interest and left taking the unconscious girl, and the lifeless body of the wanted criminal. No reward was given for turning over the wanted man, and the Captain was fined (Ȼ15) for not clearly displaying the registration on the bow.

Game recap written by melinate


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